The William MB Berger Prize for British Art History 2016

William MB Berger Prize for British Art History 2016

Long List

Books published in 2015

John Richard Moores

Representations of France in English Satirical Prints 1740–1832

Palgrave Macmillan/Springer pp280, 978-0-230-54532-8 hb £60

Andrew Sanders 

English Cathedrals 

Robert Hale Limited

978-0-719816598 pb pp208 £14.99 

Matthew Jarron 

“Independent and Individualist”. Art in Dundee 1867–1924 

Abertay Historical Society in Association with the University of Dundee Museum Services 

978-0-900019562 pb pp231 col299 £12.00 

Oliver Bradbury 

Sir John Soane’s Influence on Architecture from 1791. A Continuing Legacy

Ashgate 978-1-472409102 hb pp480 £95.00 

James Fox 

British Art and the First World War, 1914–1924 

Cambridge University Press 

978-1-107-105874 hb pp256 col11 bw22 £29.99 

Nicola Gordon Bowe 

Wilhelmina Geddes: Life and Work 

Four Courts Press, Dublin 

hb pp508 col300 bw150 £45 

Mary Clark 

The Dublin Civic Portrait Collection: Patronage, Politics and Patriotism 1603–2013 

Four Courts Press, Dublin

978-1-846825842 hb pp224 col93 £35 

Devon Cox 

The Street of Wonderful Possibilities – Whistler, Wilde & Sargent in Tite Street 

Francis Lincoln 

978-0-7112-36738 hb pp287 col75 bw25 £25 /$40 

Stephen Lloyd, ed

Art, Animals and Politics: Knowsley and the Earls of Derby

Unicorn Press

978 1 910065 822 hb pp320 col/bw100 colour £60

Lucy Bradnock, Courtney J Martin & Rebecca Peabody

Lawrence Alloway: Critic and Curator 

Getty Research Institute Los Angeles

978-1-606064429 pb pp205 col34 bw18 $40

Alex Kidson 

George Romney. A Complete Catalogue of His Paintings 

Yale University Press for The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art 

978-0-300-209693 2 vols hb pp960 col350 bw1600 £180 

Sheila White and Philip Sheail, eds and trans

Lord Fordwich’s Grand Tour, 1756–60

Hertfordshire Record Publications 

978-09565111-4-0 hb pp401 col6 bw22 £22

Elizabeth Thompson (Butler) 

Waterloo Diary: Woman Battle Artist in Training 

Juvenilia Press 

0-7334-3575-0 pb pp65 col16 bw13 £12 / AUS $15

Caroline Ings-Chambers 

Louisa Waterford and John Ruskin: ‘For you have not Falsely Praised’ 

Legenda Oxford / Maney Publishing 

978-1-909662476 hb pp252 £75 

Sacha Llewellyn and Paul Liss 

Evelyn Dunbar (1906–1960) The Lost Works 

Liss Llewellyn Fine Art and Pallant House Gallery 

978-1-869827939 pb pp196 col164 £25


Ariane Bankes and Paul Hills 

The Art of David Jones. Vision and Memory 

Lund Humphries 

978-1-84822-160-4 hb pp176 col104 bw48 £40

Joan Coutu 

Then and Now: Collecting and Classicism in Eighteenth-Century England 

McGill-Queen’s University Press / Combined Academic-Publishers 

978-0-773545434 hb pp336 col80 bw16 £72


Loyd Grossman 

Benjamin West and the Struggle to be Modern

Merrell Publishers Ltd 

978-1-858946412 hb pp256 col125 £35

Harry Moore-Gwyn, Sacha Lewellyn, Paul Liss

Kenneth Rowntree 1915–1997: A Centenary Exhibition 

Moore-Gwyn Fine Art and Liss Llewellyn Fine Art 

978-0-993088414 pb pp128 col125 £20

Kenneth McConkey and Charlotte Topsfield 

Arthur Melville: Adventures in Colour 

National Galleries of Scotland 

978-1-906270872 pb pp138 col80 £18.95 

Richard Ormond with Elaine Kilmurray

Sargent: Portraits of Artists and Friends 

National Portrait Gallery 

978-1-855145450 hb 256 £40

Brandon Taylor 

St Ives and British Modernism: The George and Ann Dannatt Collection 

Pallant House Gallery 

978-1-869827922 (hb) 978-1-869827946 (pb) pp152 col141 bw37 £16.95

Steven Parissien, ed 

Celebrating Britain: Canaletto, Hogarth and Patriotism 

Paul Holberton Publishing 

978-1-907372780 pb pp128 col55 £25

Toby Treeves and Barnaby Wright, eds

Soaring Flight: Peter Lanyon’s Gliding Paintings 

Paul Holberton Publishing for The Courtauld Gallery 

978-1-907372858 pb pp144 col80 £25


Lucy Davies and Mark Hallett 

Joshua Reynolds: Experiments in Paint 

Paul Holberton Publishing for The Wallace Collection 

978-0-900785757 pb 192 col140 £30 

Arthur MacGregor, ed

The Cobbe Cabinet of Curiosities: An Anglo-Irish Country House Museum

Yale University Press for The Paul Mellon Centre 

978-0-300-204353 hb pp495 col200 bw100 £75 

Simon Swynfen Jervis and Dudley Dodd 

Roman Splendour: English Arcadia. The English Taste for Pietre Dure and the Sixtus Cabinet at Stourhead 

Philip Wilson Publishing 

978-1-781300244 hb pp304 col270 £45

Adriano Aymonino and Anne Varik Lauder 

Drawn From The Antique: Artists & the Classical Ideal 

Sir John Soane’s Museum 

978-0-993204104(pb) 978-0-957339897(hb) pp231 col170 bw107 £35

Alison Smith, David Blayney Brown and Carol Jacobi 

Artist and Empire: Facing Britain’s Imperial Past 

Tate Publishing 

978-1-849763431(hb) 978-1-494763592(pb) pp240 col170 £40(hb) £29.99(pb) 

Peter Cormack 

Arts & Crafts Stained Glass 

Yale University Press for The Paul Mellon Centre 

978-0-300-209709 hb pp354 col200 bw50 £50

Julia Farley and Fraser Hunter 

Celts: art and identity 

The British Museum & National Museums Scotland 

978-0-714128351(hb) 978-1-714128368(pb) pp304 £25(pb)

Tim Clayton and Sheila O’Connell 

Bonaparte and the British: prints and propaganda in the age of Napoleon 

British Museum Press

978-0-714126937(pb) pp224 over 200 col £25

Gill Saunders & Malcolm Yorke, eds

Bawden, Ravilious and the Artists of Great Bardfield

V & A Publishing 

978-1-851778522 hb pp208 £25

Christopher Baker, Duncan Bull, William Hauptman, Neil Jeffares, Aileen Ribeiro, MaryAnne Stevens

Jean-Etienne Liotard 1702–1789 

The Royal Academy of Arts and National Gallery of Scotland 

978-1-907533990(hb) 978-1-910350201(pb) pp232 col150 £27(pb) 

Tarnya Cooper, Aviva Burnstock, Maurice Howard,
Edward Town, eds 

Painting in Britain 1500–1630. Production, Influences and Patronage

Oxford University Press for The British Academy

978-0-19-726584-0 pp400 col400 £150

Diego Mantoan

The Road to Parnassus. Artist Strategies in Contemporary Art.
Rise and Success of Glasgow Artist Douglas Gordon and of the wider YBA generation

Vernon Press

978-1-62273-052-0 hb pp449 col & bw £73

Layla Bloom, Nicholas Grindle et al 

George Morland: Art, Traffic and Society in Late Eighteenth Century England

(The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery) Leeds University

13-978-1-874331-54-4 pb pp99 col58 bw7 £12 

Dillian Gordon with an essay by Caroline M Barron and
contributions by Ashok Roy, Rachel Billinge and Martin Wyld 

The Wilton Diptych 

Yale University Press for the National Gallery 

978-1-857095838 hb pp144 col130 £14.95 

William Vaughan 

Samuel Palmer: Shadows on the Wall 

Yale University Press for The Paul Mellon Centre 

978-0-300-209853 hb pp412 col180 bw120 £50 

Margarette Lincoln, ed

Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution

Thames & Hudson 

978-0-500518144 hb pp224 over 260 col £29.95 

Giles Waterfield 

The People’s Galleries: Art Museums and Exhibitions in Britain 1800–1914 

Yale University Press for The Paul Mellon Centre

978-0-300-209846 hb pp370 col70 bw215 £45 

Cathy Ross with Oliver Bennett 

Designing Utopia: John Hargrave and the Kibbo Kift 

Philip Wilson Publishing 

978-1-781300404 pb pp192 col295 £19.99 

David H Solkin 

Art in Britain 1660–1815 

Yale University Press / Pelican History of Art 

978-0-300-215564 hb pp378 col320 £55


William Laffan, Christopher Monkhouse, with the assistance of Leslie Fitzpatrick 

Ireland: Crossroads of Art and Design, 1690–1840 

Yale University Press for the Art Institute of Chicago 

978-0-30021-060-6(hb) £30

E Geoffrey Hancock, Nick Pearce and Mungo Campbell, eds

William Hunter’s World. The Art and Science of Eighteenth-Century Collecting

Ashgate [Routledge]. The Histories of Material Culture and Collecting, 1700–1950

978-1-4094-4774-0 pp424 col6 bw115 £80